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Have questions about pet insurance? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Pet insurance typically covers vet bills, surgeries, medications, and other healthcare costs for your pet.

Consider your pet's age, breed, health history, and your budget when selecting an insurance plan. Compare different plans to find the best fit.

Pre-existing conditions are usually not covered by pet insurance. It is important to enrol your pet when they are young and healthy.

Most pet insurance plans allow you to visit any licensed veterinary practice. Check with your provider for specific details on network coverage.

Please note that Pet Insurance Cover does not issue insurance policies themselves. For any inquiries regarding your policy documents, we recommend reaching out directly to your insurance provider and requesting a copy from them.

Additionally, many insurance companies offer the option to access your policy documents online. You might find them by logging into their website or checking your email inbox or junk folder.

Pet Insurance Cover does not provide insurance directly. Typically, your previous insurance provider would include details of your no claims bonus with your annual renewal letter or upon your request for policy cancellation.

This documentation serves as proof of your no claims status. If you haven't received it from your previous insurance provider, we suggest contacting them directly to request it.

We do not offer a telephone service for quotes. The best way to discuss a quote would be to search through the list of comparable providers. The provider you are looking to take out a policy with you can discuss with them directly.

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Explore our website to learn about the different pet insurance plans available for your beloved companion.

Use our comparison tool to compare coverage, premiums, and benefits offered by various insurance providers.

Select the insurance plan that best fits your pet's needs and your budget from the options available on our platform.

Tailor the chosen insurance plan by adding optional coverage or adjusting deductibles to suit your preferences.